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Make the change your body needs. If you're suffering from, Energy dips, Unwanted-weight, Bloating, IBS , Joint-pain or Migraines, our process has helped improve so many lives.

Our simple process will help you discover the difference within days of making the changes. Our qualified nutritionists will work closely to ensure the changes we make fit within your lifestyle alongside offering up to 30 days of support. Our clients say that this has helped them with improving their energy levels, weight, skin, and overall health..

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Utilising microarray technology, our top lab in Cambridge have one of the most advanced food intolerance tests out there

You’re one of a kind & that applies to the foods that agree with you too

Don’t believe us? Even twins have different responses to the same foods, and they share 37% of microbes! Completely unrelated individuals sharing 35% of microbes. See what we’re getting at?

Bloated tummy? You’re not alone. 70% of people suffer from it!

Odds are you’ve had a  “food coma” or felt deflated after eating – that could be an early sign of eating something that could be disrupting your gut health. 

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  • 64 Common everyday foods tested
  • Helps with IBS & Bloating
  • trusted by doctors & nutritionists
  • microarray technology
  • IgG 1,2,3 & 4 the most advance test
  • Follow Up Call & Support Guide Books
  • Speedy 7 days results delivery
  • No reaction money back guarantee
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  • 205 Foods Tested
  • Improve energy and brain fog in 10 days
  • Trusted by doctors & nutritionists
  • At home sample collection
  • Microarray technology
  • IgG 1,2,3 & 4 the most advance test
  • 7 days on-going support
  • call with a Qualified nutritionist
  • Tailored meal plan based on results
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  • Over 209 Foods Tested
  • Gut health, Skin, Energy & Unwanted Weight
  • Trusted by doctors, nutritionists
  • Used by premier league football clubs
  • Microarray technology
  • IgG 1,2,3 & 4 the most advance test
  • Tailored meal plan based on results
  • 30 days on-going support
  • Zoom with a Qualified nutritionist
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Our Story

Supply Life owes its very existence to a founder who suffered and struggled for many years with IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. He finally decided he had to do something about the gut problems that were wrecking his life. He embarked on a course of study and discovered that the answer to his IBS was to avoid the foods that upset his metabolism and eat only the foods that he could digest with ease.

Ricky - Founder of Supply Life

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