Completing a Home Food Intolerance Test: A Step-by-Step Guide

Completing a Home Food Intolerance Test: A Step-by-Step Guide

For many, ordering a home food intolerance test marks taking control o their body and their health. But, for some, not knowing how the process works can put them off ordering.

Here at Supply Life, we have worked hard to create a simple food intolerance test that is user-friendly and quick to complete. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide or the uncomplicated process.

Step 1: Order your Home Food Intolerance Test

The first step in understanding your gut health is ordering your home food intolerance test. To do you, you need to make your way over to our ‘Shop’. There, you can compare our three options. These are:

  1. Core: 64 common everyday foods tested
  2. Essential: 205 foods tested
  3. Full Body: 209 foods tested

Once you have selected your test, pay safely via our online system and wait for your test to arrive via post.

Step 2: Providing the Sample

When the test arrives, it will come with a list of items included and instructions on how to use them.

The test involves a pin-prick test, where a pin is used to draw a small sample of blood from the finger. This is around 4-5 large droplets. These droplets are then stored and sent back to our accredited laboratory, where they are tested.

Step 3 - The Test

When at the laboratory, our team will test the sample using, utilising our world-leading technical and technology. Our software then produces a tailor-made printout of the final food IgG antibody result for each food on the requested food panel, illustrating what foods your body is sensitive to.

Step 4 - Results

Supply Life will then send you your results in the post, providing a rundown of the foods you are intolerant to and to what extent your body has a specific to a specific food.

Step 5 - Your Diet Plan

Now that you have the facts, it is time to start making a positive change to your life, devising a diet plan that contains the right foods for your body. At Supply Life, our Dieticians can support you with.

Purchase your test today!

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