Quick Turnaround Home Food Intolerance Tests

Quick Turnaround Home Food Intolerance Tests

At Supply Life, the ethos of our business is centred on helping people and equipping our customers with the knowledge they need to live a happy, healthy life. This is why we do our best to maintain our reputation for fast turnaround times, providing test results in just seven days!

Why Speed is Important for Home Food Intolerance Test Results

If you are searching online and comparing home food intolerance tests, it is likely that you are experiencing some sort of ailment or discomfort. As a result, you will want to take your test and have your results as quickly as possible, immediately taking steps to alter your diet and feed your body the food it agrees with, eliminating the foods it does not.

How Are Food Intolerance Test Results Presented?

Within seven days of taking your Supply Life food intolerance test, you will receive the blueprint of what your gut is telling you. We test up to 209 different food groups (depending on which test kit you opt for) and will provide data on the foods your gut does and does not agree with.

To arrive at these results, we utilise high-tech microarray technology at our CE-marked Cambridge laboratory., meaning we are an intolerance test provider you can put your ultimate faith in.

How Do You Take a Food Intolerance Test?

There are various different home food tests on the market. However, we are proud to use the most effective and fastest method. Here is how our tests work:
  • Order your test: Visit our shop to order one of our three home food intolerance test kits.
  • Taking your test: Your test will arrive in the post, along with everything you need to take a pin-prick blood sample. All the instructions are very clear, and the process is pain-free.
  • Testing your blood: We asses the sample in our CE-marked Cambridge laboratory using microarray technology.
  • Results: We then send the test results to you. You can then schedule a call with one of our doctors should you want to discuss your results and require support with making adjustments to your diet.

Order a home food intolerance test kit today and get your results in a week!
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